woodshed's vegan options

the basics

First off our dough is made fresh daily and is a simple recipe that is vegan

Our Tomato sauce is made in house and is vegan

Our pesto sauce is also made in house with basil from a local farm and is vegan and nut free

we use Daiya mozza as our standard vegan cheese substitute, cultured nut cheese is also available 

we now offer vegan "Chick'n",chorizo, ham and pepperoni substitutes

coming soon!

We'll be featuring a new vegan special every week or so. Watch for them here or on our Facebook page www.facebook/woodshedpizzasidney 


as vegans we know how important it is to get the right info and to have a voice in what we're eating so please feel free to contact us with any ideas and/or suggestions you may have. We're looking forward to seeing and hearing from you!